William Parker Funding

William Parker Funding is reselling and marketing commercial products and media with an ultimate goal of philanthropy. Our long term objective is to make a lasting impression on the social landscape of this planet. We are a for profit organization with no permanent defined charities or organizations at this point.

Following is a list of websites affiliated with William Parker Funding:

www.XekoShop.com XekoShop.com is a reseller of The Matter Group's hit Collector Card Game Xeko
www.Warclick.com Warclick.com is an information technology security blog
www.Techfolk.com Techfolk.com is a General Purpose Technical Blog (I test things here)
www.ITode.com Primarily a testing property for product demos
www.BillParker.com My Personal Blog - Motivational and Fitness
www.ClimateBusters.com Formally Script29 -> ajax scripts and apps for sale (outdated / needs maintenance)
www.WebsiteInformer.com Ultra fast AJAX based Domain Name Lookup and Other Useful Tools
www.BigPineBikes.com Family bicycle shop down in Big Pine Key

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